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Daily Affirmations and Peace Words

Daily Affirmations and Peace Words

One of the fundamentals of meditation is to remain in a relaxed, calm, and tranquil state of mind. There is an increased need to let go of your worries, release your stress and let your internal thoughts become quiet. Sometimes we need to be told we are capable of everything in order to get through our day. We can use daily affirmations and peace words as an anchor to help us regain our focus and cultivate confidence and self-acceptance from within.

Daily Affirmations and Peace Words Practice

Close your eyes. Let your mind drift…. there is nothing you need to do…. nothing you need to focus on…. you are relaxed and calm. Just let these words drift in your mind, without needing to focus especially on any of them.

Now we will begin to focus on a series of peace words and affirmations that will still your mind and fill you with self-confidence.

Calm, Love, Peace, Joy, Capable, Strong, Resilient, Whole, Confident, Unique

Continue to allow your mind to drift, as you just relax. Allow these affirmations for self-esteem to be true for you. Choose one word that resonates with you and meditate on it for 1 minute.

Now we’ll focus on each phrase.

You are a worthwhile person.

You are capable of achieving many things.

You are a strong person… while understanding that no one needs to be strong all the time.

Be kind to yourself.

I deserve to be happy. I deserve good things.

I am a human being with flaws. It is okay to have flaws.

Continue to allow your mind to drift, as you just relax. Choose one phrase that resonates with you and repeat it silently in your mind, taking time to savor and focus on the meaning of the word.

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