Don’t You Love A Good Buffet?

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Don’t you just love going to one of those big buffets with all-you-can-eat food? They typically have a variety of meat carving stands and pizza and ice cream-all things it may be better to limit or avoid. Usually they offer vegetables, but they are all either deep fried or swimming in butter. How many of us fill our plates to the rim with as much of that food as we can? Many of us sneak back for seconds, thirds and even fourths? The fourth plate is dessert, right?

How many of us have left those huge buffets feeling miserable and bloated? But we got your money’s worth so it’s ok. But-is it ok? Was it worth the suffering that inevitably comes as a side effect of eating at one of those high fat calorie traps? Do you wake up the next day and say “Never again!”.

What if we tell you that there is a buffet available to you that is so much better for you, where you can eat to your heart’s content-or should we say your stomach’s content? In a past life, I use to call these places salad bars, but I now call them “Vegetable Buffets”. They can be a wonderful way to fill your plates as many times as you like. Go ahead, stuff yourself without the guilt and misery associated with the old style buffets we all grew up with.

Yes, you can!

Just be wary that some of those vegetable buffets still sneak in a few high fat items. Steer clear of or limit the animal products and creamy dressings, but pile your plate high with all the fresh veggies and fruits that you like. Bon appetite!


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