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Would you agree that adding more plants to our diet is an important part of achieving optimal health?  Hopefully you are in agreement. Would you also agree that achieving that goal is pretty easy? Probably fewer yes answers to the second query. Transitioning to a plant based diet doesn’t have to be overwhelming and difficult. Let’s start by looking at a few reasons why people believe switching to plant based eating is hard.

Initially, just about everyone thinks eating healthy is expensive. Although your upfront investment in switching to plants may be a little more expensive, in the long run, the costs are not as high as you might think. There are a few factors we need to consider other than the total on the receipt from the grocery store.

  1. If you are feeding your body good food, you might eventually find you are not as hungry and won’t need to purchase as much food at the grocery store.
  2. You could potentially realize great savings in your medical costs. Personally, my medical expenses reduced from $10,000 the year before I started eating plant based to less than $1,000 the year after.
  3. You can find many beans and grains in bulk at a steep discount.
  4. Growing your own food adds to the savings-and provides a little extra exercise as a bonus.

Many initially say the food doesn’t taste good. Most likely because they don’t know how to cook plants. We can certainly help you learn to be a better cook. Lifestyle Medicine Solutions offers regular cooking classes to help you learn to prepare some wonderful plant based foods. Also, many plant based chefs share some of their recipes on the internet. One of my personal favorites is Chef Del.  Chef Del has written many great cookbooks including the Forks Over Knives cookbook. And remember that over time your taste buds will change and you will be amazed at the wonderful flavors of all the plants.

Finally, people will ask “Where do you get your protein?”. That is an easy one-plants!  Many people believe that protein only comes from animals. They would be wrong. Your body needs more than protein to function, but your body doesn’t need more protein. Excess protein is harmful and is often the cause of much dis-ease in our bodies. A well rounded plant based diet will give you all the protein you need in most cases.

You  can do this-and we are here to lend a hand!


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