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Meet Engracia Lopez de Sanchez – at 70, she walks up to 7 miles a day!

Meet Engracia Lopez de Sanchez – at 70, she walks up to 7 miles a day!

Taking control of her own health

Engracia Lopez de Sanchez knew something was wrong – her cholesterol and blood pressure levels were high, and she just felt tired. When her previous provider told her not to worry about it, she decided to make a change. Since joining Lifestyle Medical, her cholesterol and blood pressure are under control, she’s reduced her medications and is literally climbing mountains to achieve her goals!

Engracia’s provider is Andrew Tyler, PA-C. He listened to her concerns, scheduled a consultation for her with a cardiologist, and gave her recommendations for dietary changes. Engracia began incorporating more greens (she especially enjoys chard), nuts, and seeds into her diet. She describes Andrew as very kind and patient and says he is always excited to hear about the progress she’s making.

Lifestyle support for every step of the journey

An avid cook, Engracia wanted to learn new ways to incorporate healthy foods into her lifestyle. She asked Andrew to recommend a nutritionist, specifying, “It has to be a good one, because I’ve been doing my research!” Andrew connected her with Lifestyle Medical’s Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Nan Simonsen.

The two immediately hit it off, especially when they realized they were both regular hikers of Mt. Rubidoux. The city park and landmark in Riverside is a popular hiking destination for local residents, with 3.5 miles of paved roads and several trails leading to a panoramic vista. Engracia walks seven miles three days a week, and “rests” by only walking 3.5 miles on other days!

Nan established an eating plan for Engracia, giving her lots of cooking tips, helpful information and resources. Step one was to eliminate all oils. That went well. Step two was to eliminate all meats! Engracia double-checked with Andrew Tyler, who confirmed that this was indeed a lifestyle change that would lead to better health. “OK. I can do this,” Engracia thought.

Little by little, Engracia has removed most meats from her diet and now occasionally eats fish. She and her husband prefer to cook at home, enjoying a wide variety of vegetables, beans, greens and whole grains. Engracia also loves to start her day with a green smoothie.

Goals keep her focused

Engracia has set a goal to walk 300 laps around Mt. Rubidoux and at least 3.5 miles per day by the end of the year. While her friends see her as their mentor, she says she’s inspired by a woman in her 90s who also hikes Mt. Rubidoux! Great job, Engracia. You’ve taken control of your health, and we’re happy to be a part of your journey!

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