Fast Food

Today’s world is moving very fast, and so are we. We always seem to be in a hurry, and often find ourselves frustrated when something takes longer than we think it should. Is it any wonder we are witnessing an incredible rise in fast food from places like McDonalds? Is it any wonder obesity and chronic disease are rising right along with our increased dependence on fast food?

There just doesn’t seem to be time to prepare food at home, so take-out on the way home has become a way of life for many. Everyone knows that fast food isn’t good for us. Those double cheeseburgers and supersize fries are killing us, but what can you do when there is limited time to prepare a meal? One suggestion would be to develop a written list of “fast foods” that you can cook at home quickly.  When you are short on time, your list should help improve the choices you make.

Take a look at this simple recipe for BBQ Cabbage from Jill McKeever at Simple Daily Recipes-simple and delicious as both a sandwich on toasted whole grain bread or a topping for a baked sweet potato.

If you learn best by watching, the video is about 5 minutes long. If not, all you need is a head of cabbage that you slice and steam.  Once the cabbage is soft, add your favorite BBQ sauce, simmer and serve.

Don’t be afraid to add other vegetables like onions or hot peppers to give a little added kick to the meal. Plan on making a double batch as leftovers become fast food for another meal, right? Do you have a simple, delicious fast food recipe that you can share with us on our Facebook page?

We are often looking for fast food to eat while on the road. One of the best things you can do is plan on cooking at home and pack your food. In the real world, that is not always possible. Again, we would encourage you to spend some time exploring the healthy options you have along your route and develop a list to chose from when you are in a hurry. It might be helpful to keep the list in your car or on your electronic device for easy access.

Remember you have options other than restaurants and convenience stores. Grocery stores today are filled with ready to eat food just waiting for you to enjoy. Grab a container of sugar snap peas and some hummus. Then add an apple or some other fruit you enjoy. Often times you can find pre-made salads at the grocery stores as well. It’s quick and simple and the savings of eating at a grocery store versus a restaurant might just surprise you.

Let’s try an experiment this week. We challenge you to walk through your grocery store and view the experience with an eye towards finding fast foods. Try to find foods that are good for quick home cooking as well as on-the-road emergency food. Start developing a list of your go-to fast foods. If you can take the thought process out of choosing foods when you are in a hurry, you will make healthier choices. Go ahead-try it. Your health will thank you!


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