Finding Community

As we travel the path toward better health, finding people who are moving in the same direction certainly makes the journey easier. If we only spend time with those who refuse to make or even consider making lifestyle changes, it is comparable to traveling the wrong way on a 8 lane highway during rush hour in LA! Your risk of crashing increases dramatically.

Last week, I was able to spend some time at Vegetarian Summerfest in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Being in an environment with others interested in plant based living is so powerful. Imagine sitting around a table with others enjoying plant based foods prepared by a wonderful plant based chef while discussing the various presentations on plant based living by top names in the plant based world. That is a LOT of plant base upon which to build!

What if we told you you did not have to imagine it? At Lifestyle Medicine Solutions we try to bring you a similar experiences and opportunities to connect with people searching for better heath. Have you attended one of our cooking classes?  How about a guest presentation by one of our members? Or perhaps an information session hosted by one of our physicians or coaches? And lastly, don’t forget our movie night! You can experience all the great things a VegFest has to offer without leaving town and spending a fortune.  Being able to sleep in your own bed instead of a college dorm bed is a huge plus as well.  I speak from experience!

Come on over and spend some time enjoying all the events we have to offer you. Take a minute to check our weekly events listed below, on our website or our facebook page and then go ahead and sign up for one.

Find your community-in your neighborhood!  We look forward to seeing you at Lifestyle Medicine Solutions soon.


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