Food as Art

As we roll into the last holiday of the summer with all the cookouts and parties that roll right along with the long weekend, it’s a great time to pay attention to the palette of your palate. Let’s do a little art project over the Labor Day weekend, shall we?

First, think about the colors of the traditional cookout in the standard American diet: steak (brown-at least on the outside), hamburgers (brown) on a toasted bun (brown)  fried chicken (golden brown), pork loin (brown), bratwurst (brown), hotdogs (brown), with a side of chips (light brown) and brownies (dark brown) for dessert. Nothing against brown, but wouldn’t you like your plate to offer something other than brown?

Next, think of many colors we get to enjoy while eating a plant based diet. When they say “Eat the Rainbow”, we truly can. Strive to find some new ways to create something new and colorful this weekend.

Challenge your friends and family to so the same. Share ideas, recipes and pictures. Involve the children and witness the masterpiece they create. It doesn’t have to be just a salad with lettuce and tomato.

 Be creative! Be bold! Be brave!

Your body will thank you for providing the brilliant palette of Mother Nature to display upon its internal walls. Your palate will thank you for providing the wonderful variety of flavors and taste sensations.

We would love to see your artistic ability. Please share your colorful pictures of the plants your put on your plate this weekend on our Lifestyle Medicine Solutions FaceBook page.


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