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You may wonder why you should invest your hard-earned money on expensive workout equipment, specialty shoes, high end athletic wear, outrageous gym fees, books you probably won’t ever read or DVD’s you most likely won’t watch when there are so many ways to move for free? Let’s remove those financial barriers and explore ways to sneak in some physical activity without draining your wallet.

When was the last time you were able to acquire an investment at no cost with such tremendous upside potential? Think about how much you could potentially keep in your own pocket instead of paying for drugs to help control the various lifestyle related diseases caused by inactivity. Imagine being stronger and healthier and all the ways that might impact your physical wellbeing as well as your financial wellbeing. Are you starting to see the tremendous benefits that you can have for absolutely no monetary outlay? Let’s get started!

How many of these investments are you willing to add to your wellness portfolio?

  1. Park farther away and walk to your destination.
  2. Anytime you find yourself standing still, do toe rises, stand on one foot, or march in place.
  3. Watching TV?  Do some stretches or run in place during commercials.
  4. Repurpose exercise equipment that is currently being used as a clothes rack and actually use it to exercise.
  5. Sell your power mower and invest the profits into a reel mower like this one
  6. Turn your outings with friends into outdoor activities that involve something other than food.
  7. Stand up whenever you can.
  8. Spend time playing with your kids (or your neighbors’ kids).
  9. Fill water bottles with water or sand and use them as dumbbells.
  10. Just walk!

What other simple and free ideas do you have that you could share with everyone on our FaceBook page?


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