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Gratitude Practice

Gratitude Practice

The practice of gratitude can take a back seat if we’re living a fast-paced lifestyle that’s packed with distractions. Cultivating and expressing gratitude might seem like a natural human response to some, while others need help remembering that every day is filled with reasons to be grateful. Mindfulness can help us regain our focus.

Gratitude Practice

Begin by sitting or lying in a comfortable position, placing your palms facing upwards, letting your shoulders roll back slightly to open up your chest, and gently closing your eyes as you just focus on your breath.

Notice how it flows naturally without you even needing to do anything to it. It’s always keeping you alive, bringing in nutrients on the inhale, and releasing stale old energy on the exhale.

You don’t have to think about it. You don’t have to work at it. Your body just does this for you. It is life-giving. Let yourself feel a sense of appreciation, for your ability to breathe. How wonderful is it? How easy, effortless, and natural, saying it louder in your mind. Thank you. To the air in your lungs. To your breath.

Take a nice deep slow inhalation through your nose, feeling your stomach expand, holding your breath the top, and when you’re ready, exhaling with a sigh. Let your awareness travel from your breath, as you let your breath just be natural, to thinking about your body in general.

Your ability to be here right now practicing this meditation, all the different working components in your body that are making this possible right now, there’s so much to appreciate.

Let your cells begin to infuse with feelings of appreciation for your body. Think about all the things your body enables you to do that you love. It could be as simple as hugging someone you love, eating a favorite meal. We’re simply just being here right now.

We often take our bodies for granted, but in this moment, you honor it. You well up with feelings of appreciation for all that it does. Feel the appreciation flowing around and within you.

And now let your awareness travel, to a person or an animal that you are so appreciative of.  It doesn’t matter if you know this person or own this animal; it can be any living being who gives you feelings of gratitude.

Let yourself think about all the reasons why you appreciate them. Where does this feeling of gratitude live within you? What does it feel like?

Take this feeling with you, as you bring your awareness back to the room around you, opening your eyes whenever you are ready.

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