Joana Tala

Health Coach

Joana studied medicine at St. George’s School of Medicine in Grenada and is ECFMG certified, after completing her master’s degree in biology at Freie University in Germany. Joana performed clinical research at Yale School of Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital for over a decade, where she coordinated clinical research in pediatric critical care. During this period, she authored several peer reviewed published articles and co-authored over a dozen published peer reviewed articles. She also obtained a certification in recognition of her oral presentation at the American Academy for Pediatrics national conference.

Due to her love for natural means of improving health, she certified with the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and also became certified as a Health and Wellness Coach. In the past 5 years, she has and continues to apply these principles of lifestyle medicine in coaching and counseling patients back to health as well as maintaining health. She is also a provider of the CDC’s National Diabetes Prevention Program (NDPP), who enjoys sharing her experiences and watching patients light up as they recover and understand how to maintain their health.

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