Kick Chronic Conditions to the Curb: You can Reverse Diabetes, Hypertension, and More

Kick Chronic Conditions to the Curb: You can Reverse Diabetes, Hypertension, and More

Are you missing out on all the joyful activities of a full and balanced life because of chronic health conditions? I’d like to share some practices that will help you kick chronic conditions to the curb. With simple changes, you can reverse diabetes, hypertension and more.

Let me introduce Frank. Frank has always worked hard and hoped retirement would allow him to spend more time with his family, to take those holidays they’d always talked about. However, his health problems brought these plans to a halt.

When Frank*, 72, came to Lifestyle Medical he was suffering from diabetes, osteoarthritis, “unmanageable’” dermatitis, and was diagnosed as obese. These conditions stopped Frank from living life to the fullest and he recognized that a radical change was needed.

Judy* found herself in a similar situation. She too was looking forward to spending time with family and enjoying retirement. Judy wanted to make the most out of life, but her health was holding her back.

Judy came to see us after struggling with health problems that had only been masked, not resolved, by medication. She had been diagnosed with diabetes, kidney and blood pressure issues, and a history of stroke. Judy wanted her chronic disease in remission, without relying on medications.

After making lifestyle changes, following the four pillars of health – nutrition, exercise, resilience, and connectedness – their transformations have been amazing.

Frank’s diabetes is totally in remission, his osteoarthritis has improved, and his severe dermatitis has almost entirely disappeared. By taking advantage of the support at Lifestyle Medical, Frank lost 43lb in 4 months. He is enjoying life to the fullest again.

Judy’s HgbA1C results dropped from 13.1 (extremely high) to 6.6 in 18 weeks. She has hugely improved her quality of life and she was no longer on any medication. When Judy needed support, the Lifestyle Medical network kicked in to help her overcome life’s roadblocks. With support from coaches, dietitians, occupational therapists, and others, Judy could focus on achieving and maintaining results.

They are just two of over 30 million Americans suffering from diabetes. This chronic disease affects one in four Americans over 65 (2020 National Diabetes Statistics Report).

Diabetes is associated with obesity, cardiovascular and kidney disease, sleep problems, and reduced quality of life. There is also “strong, consistent evidence” that this condition can put people at increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19 (CDC). Chronic disease can be a life or death matter when it comes to the virus haunting our world right now.

Fortunately, there is overwhelming evidence showing that positive lifestyle changes can reverse diabetes. Like Judy and Frank, you too can achieve health and wellness.

At Lifestyle Medical, our research-based focus on four pillars of whole health is key to putting chronic diseases like diabetes into remission. Through these foundations, we empower you to take control of your health and reverse diabetes.


Diabetes is directly related to how we eat, so diet has a dramatic effect – as Frank and Judy discovered. We advocate for a “whole food, plant-based” diet. This means the less processed the better. Rather than ‘spiking’ energy levels from processed sugars and flours, whole foods with a low glycemic index (GI) help us sustain energy levels and feel fuller for longer.

The latest research shows that eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, and whole grains not only reduces the risk of developing diabetes but can reverse it entirely. Healthy eating is your recipe for managing diabetes.

In the Lifestyle Medical community, we offer support with nutritionists, group sessions, and cooking classes to empower you to make positive (and tasty) choices. Check out some of our patients’ favorite recipes!


Did you know exercise helps your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels? Not only that, exercise improves your mental health, brightens your mood, and helps keep your thinking sharp.

Exercise is also a great way to stay connected with old friends or make new ones. Whether it’s a daily walk around your neighborhood or trying a new sport (frisbee golf anyone?), it is vital to find an enjoyable and sustainable exercise routine. After all, the best kind of physical activity is the kind that you enjoy.


Resilience is all about managing sleep and stress. Diabetes and sleep problems go hand in hand. With ongoing sleep loss, less insulin is released into your body after you eat, while more cortisol (the stress hormone) makes it harder for insulin to do its job effectively. Furthermore, low sleep and high stress can affect appetite, lead to cravings, and mean we are less inclined to exercise.

Lifestyle Medical has a wide range of support to help you improve your resilience. We know improved sleep and less stress benefit the immune system; a key part of managing and reducing the impact of chronic conditions, like diabetes. Learn more about how sleep affects diabetes in this article.


There is clear evidence that quality social and spiritual connectedness has a positive impact on health outcomes.  As we travel the path toward better health, finding people who are moving in the same direction certainly makes the journey easier.

We understand that the lifestyle changes necessary to put diabetes into remission aren’t always easy to maintain alone. Through support groups, guest speakers, cooking classes, and the opportunity for in-person or online appointments, Lifestyle Medical are making it easier than ever to connect.

Our team at Lifestyle Medical is waiting to empower you to take control of your wellbeing. Chronic conditions like diabetes can be reversed.

Take the first step, contact us at (951)742-7324 or [email protected] for your free appointment.

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We know how it feels when health issues get in the way of activities that you used to love, or spending time with your loved ones. Lifestyle Medical is a primary care provider dedicated to empowering people to make healthier lifestyle choices. Many of our members have reversed chronic conditions, reduced medications, and regained their energy and joy.

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