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If you’re looking to change any part of your life, you need to do more than simply look. You must actually change! They say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over while expecting a different result. Most of us have probably fallen into that insanity multiple times in our lives. Let’s try something different and work towards sanity for a change.

Most people know that changing is a difficult battle, but there’s always a way to overcome any enemy. And as any good warrior knows, the most important step in overcoming your enemy is planning. But how? Glad you asked.

First on the list-determine what your goal or target is and what you are capable and willing to do to successfully achieve the mission. Sure, it sounds simple to say “I am going to lose weight,” but  everyone says they want to lose weight while a very small percentage actually do. Why do you suppose they aren’t losing the weight? Ah, that is the big secret isn’t it.

Psst-want to know the secret?

They don’t have a plan that they can sustain over their lifetime. 

The most important step is having a plan that you know you can do the rest of your life. If you can only do it for a month or until you lose the weight, then it’s not a good plan, and the risk of failure increases.

Next, you must be brutally honest about the mini-battles that you fight every day. Don’t report that you actually engaged the enemy and won when in fact you quietly retreated behind enemy lines and had a snack with Three Musketeers. Sure, no one saw you, but it still counts in the big picture no matter who did or didn’t see you do it. Winning is hard when we continue to cozy up to the enemy while exposing our weaknesses.

And finally, realize that most battles are won with a lot of back and forth over a long period of time. The great warriors in life recognize that the needed changes are always worth striving for. They also understand the war may be won today, but tomorrow, the battle will continue.

Remember, the same old actions will produce the same old result. Is that what you want?


I didn’t think so.


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