Memorial Day

There is no better time to dust off  the grill and start planning for the barbecue season than the unofficial start of summer this weekend. Memorial Day weekend is a prime time to gather your friends and family, pick up some veggies and fire up the grill!

Let us offer a few healthier alternatives to the standard high fat choices that often fill the summer party plate. The first recipe is from Chef Del and the Forks Over Knives app. If you love portobello mushrooms you will certainly enjoy this!  By the way, there are many great recipes available on this app.  You might consider adding it to your collection.

Mushrooms not your style? How about some grilled cauliflower? Cauliflower is fast becoming a star in the plant-based world. After trying this recipe, maybe you will agree.

Still craving that traditional burger experience that is typical of this summer holiday? You’re in luck- there are so many different veggie or bean burgers. If you Google veggie burger, you will find an abundance of choices. Might we recommend this wonderful Chipotle Bean Burger from Chef AJ? This burger is always a favorite wherever it is served. However, be careful cooking it on the grill. We recommend you prepare it as the recipe suggests.  Once they are mostly cooked, you could gently toss them on the grill to finish them off if you’d like.

Perhaps it is the taste of the popular, yet terribly unhealthy, hot dog that you desire. Chef Del comes to the rescue once again with this wonderful recipe for carrot dogs. Pile on your favorite plant based toppings and enjoy!

Let’s not stop with just veggies. Have you experimented with pineapple on the grill? If not, it’s definitely worth a try. What other fruits can you think of that would work well grilled?

Make sure you have lots of salads and other greens to compliment your choices. Having a variety of fruit on hand is alway a good idea as well. And finally, if you’d like a special treat to finish off the meal, how about this vegan version of a popular ice cream treat?  You can always alter this recipe and use various other fruits like pineapple or peaches if it’s not quite to your tastes. This recipe is best when the fruit is in season and at its peak.

What other foods will you explore on (or off) your grill this weekend? We would love for you to post pictures of your Memorial Day weekend plant based foods on our FaceBook page. Show us your creations! We encourage you to share your favorite summer recipes as well.

What ever you choose to do over this holiday weekend, have fun, eat lots of plants and be safe. Most importantly, please remember to honor those who gave their lives in service on Memorial Day.


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