Virtual and Personal

Together with technology, we can take care of everything from managing your chronic conditions, working through stress and mental health challenges, and helping you build a stronger immune system.

Many people don’t like telemedicine because it feels impersonal to talk to a different doctor every time. Our approach is different. You will have your own regular doctor, with whom you will build a long-term relationship, and can still visit in person when you want to.


Primary care, redefined

Video or phone visit

Just like a regular in-person visit with your doctor, but from the safety and comfort of home

  1. Full-length 30 minute appointment window
  2. See your regular doctor
  3. Good for any health issues or goals

Video is recommended, although not mandatory because our doctors love seeing you and seeing the full picture of your day to day life. We use Zoom and can help you set it up. It only takes a few minutes, even if you have not used technology much before.


How it Works


Schedule an Appointment

Meet our doctors, get a lifestyle & health assessment.


Get Your Personal Care Plan

Decide if we are good fit and let us help create a care plan that works uniquely for you.


Regain Energy & Feel Great

Live life to its fullest and enjoy the special
moments in life.

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Feel empowered to manage your health

Living with chronic conditions can be overwhelming, but it is easier when you can clearly see the impact of your day to day lifestyle on your health goals. If you select Lifestyle Medical as your primary care provider, you will have a health management app that will bring the information and inspiration you need to improve your health. Here are some things you’ll be able to do through the app:

  1. Message your doctor
  2. Track blood glucose, blood pressure, physical activity, sleep, and more
  3. Set goals and celebrate progress
  4. Have fun with health challenges
  5. Read educational articles
  6. Share your health progress and activity with friends and family, if you choose to
  7. Keep your doctor and care team constantly in the loop, so we can reach out and be there for you whenever you need it

Other services we offer

Why Choose Lifestyle Medical

Heart Risk


reduction in
LDL cholesterol*



reduction in
Hemoglobin A1c*



reduction in
Body Mass Index*

*Average after 2 years since joining, while reducing medications.

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