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The intense heat of summertime always ushers in memories of the coolness of ice cream treats. The choices of the ever popular ice cream treat are now as varied as a box of 64 crayons. What is your favorite? Personally, a pineapple milkshake always comes to the top of my list.

Transitioning to a diet that seeks to limit or reduce dairy leaves one wondering about this often treasured summertime treat. Perhaps we can help?

First, have you looked at the nutritional data on a milkshake? If you haven’t, it would be an eye opening education. Check out the nutritional information on your favorite DQ treat. If Dairy Queen isn’t your style, take a peek at information from Baskin Robbins.

A medium pineapple shake from Dairy Queen has 650 calories and 21 grams of fat. That’s a lot of nutritional bad news! So you either chose to eat it anyway and suffer the consequences or decide not to enjoy your favorite summertime treat. What if we tell you there is an equally yummy alternative? Interested?

Frozen fruit and a plant based milk product can replicate many of your favorites. For example, cut fresh pineapple into small chunks and store them in the freezer. When the craving for that cool summer treat hits, toss a cup or two of pineapple chunks into a high speed blender and then add a small amount of unsweetened almond milk before flipping the switch. It is delicious!

Nutritionally, you could use the whole pineapple (about 6 cups) to make this treat. You would still be better off than than eating a commercially prepared shake loaded with fat. What a great alternative!

Don’t like pineapple? You’re in luck! Most fruits work. Consider starting this exploration with your favorite fruit. If you are adventurous, experiment with watermelon. Mix and match multiple fruits into one treat. Try adding whole fresh fruit like blueberries to your frozen fruit treat. Maybe cinnamon or some vanilla would create an interesting flavor? Like nuts? Add a few. The choices are limitless! Head on over to our Facebook page to share your favorites.


Have a happy, healthy summer!



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