The Healing Power of Plants

Today, there is an ongoing debate around the medicinal power of a certain plant that you won’t find on your local grocery produce section. We’ll allow science to make that call as more data is collected around the benefits of marijuana. However, as people are touting the healing power of this plant, let us remind you there are many proven benefits of the plants you actually can buy in your grocery stores.

Plant based living has shown that many diseases we see as an inevitable part of aging can often be controlled and sometimes even reversed with plant based nutrition. As both a participant and a facilitator for CHIP, I personally have witnessed some pretty amazing results when people eat more plants, such as:

  1. Type II diabetics reduced or eliminated their insulin needs.
  2. Blood pressure normalized.
  3. Cholesterol numbers have lowered enough for some people to be able to stop taking statins.
  4. Weight loss?  Yes, of course!
  5. Arthritis pain decreased.
  6. Thyroid starts working after being on thyroid medicine for many years.
  7. IBS has shown improvement.
  8. GERD has lessened or in some cases, disappeared.
  9. Sleeping disorders have improved.
  10. Constipation?  There is lots of fiber in plants!  Consider yourself warned.

Why wait until you have the need for medical intervention with one plant when you can benefit from the healing power of the oodles of plants that are available to you right now. Want to know more? Lifestyle Medicine Solutions is ready to walk with you down the garden path to better health. Call today for an appointment to discuss how the power of fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and legumes can potentially help you find better health.

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At Lifestyle Medical, we believe that you deserve to live life to its fullest and enjoy the special moments in your life. Somewhere down the line, your health has kept you from participating in those moments. We’re not here to manage your symptoms so you can just watch your life go by. We provide holistic primary care to get you back in control of your days again, free of your health problems. We help people every day, just like you, restore their health by reforming their habits.

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