The Lonely Treadmill

This week, we’ll be telling you a true story about a beautiful lady we will call Sally (not her real name). Sally bought a used treadmill at a yard sale hoping it would help her find health. Like so many treadmills who end up with an identity crisis, her treadmill ultimately joined the ranks of clothes racks and dust collectors.

That is until one day, Sally came in contact with someone who wanted to help her get healthy. After a few months of Sally sharing all the reasons why not and all the things she could not do, she was asked to “Find one thing you CAN do”. After some conversation about possibilities, she was asked if maybe she could walk on that clothes ra-I mean, treadmill for 2 minutes. Sally responded that she couldn’t until the clothes were removed. “Can you remove the clothes from the treadmill?” asked the friend. Of course, Sally answered yes. Walking 2 minutes a night became a goal for Sally-once she rescued the treadmill from the clothes mob. Upon completion of the two minutes, she agreed she would text her friend.

The next day, as promised, she sent a text declaring “I did FIVE minutes”. “Overachiever,” was the reply back to Sally. The next evening’s text brought news of an even greater feat. “TEN minutes” proclaimed the text. Wow! The treadmill was reclaiming its identity as a lifesaving machine and Sally was feeling pretty good. Her friend was feeling pretty excited about helping Sally move!

Night three brought silence. Hmm, wonder what happened? The next morning, Sally received a text asking if she forgot. It did not take Sally long to explain that she decided she hated the treadmill and decided to go to a Refit class instead. She excitedly shared that this class made her so happy and she could not wait to go back. Needless to say, the friend was feeling pretty good about this. The poor treadmill was once again relegated to clothes rack, but Sally was energized and felt more alive than she has in a long time. Sorry treadmill!

Ahh, but then life got in the way and Sally started finding it difficult to get to the classes. In steps the friend and they brainstorm ways to overcome the obstacles. Together they decide that packing a bag the night before that includes her workout clothes and some nourishment would eliminate the roadblocks she was facing. A few weeks later Sally met her friend for breakfast. Sally walks in looking fabulous with a beautiful new shirt. More importantly she exhibited an air of confidence and happiness that had not been present before-all because she took a a baby step to clear the clothes off the treadmill only to realize she hated it enough to find something else that she didn’t.

What will your baby step be?

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