Week 8: Self-Esteem

We all know self-esteem can be an important part of success. Too little can leave someone feeling defeated. Self-esteem levels at extreme highs or lows can be harmful. It is important to understand how to find a good balance in between. A healthy self-esteem is when one is able to see and accept both strengths and weaknesses, has the ability to express their needs, has a positive outlook, and displays confidence.

Self-Esteem Practice

I want you to relax, and focus on the picture of the rainbow. Now, I want you to imagine this is your rainbow, made just for you, and about you. Now, as you look at the very top of the rainbow, I want you to think about the best thing about you. Take a minute to think silently, what is the best thing about yourself? Are you a mother? Father? Daughter? Son? Are you compassionate, Hardworking, Kind, Forgiving, welcoming, Loyal, Generous, Patient..? Pick anything you please. The best thing about you. It is the red of your rainbow.

Now, I want you to look at the yellow.  Bright, shining, beautiful yellow. The yellow part of the rainbow is what you like most about yourself. Take a minute to think, what do you like most about yourself? Is it your smile? Your ability to make others happy? Your love for an activity? Maybe a talent you possess. The thing you like most about you. That is the yellow of your rainbow.

Now, look at the green. The green is what you are like when you are at your best. Take a minute to think, what are you like when you are at your best?Are you patient? Generous? Helpful? This is you when you are at your best. It is the green to your rainbow. Now, focus on the blue of the rainbow. The blue is who or what brings out the best in you. Take a minute to think, who or what brings out the best in you? Is it your significant other? Is it a bright, sunny day? Is it a passion of yours?  This is the blue to your rainbow.

Finally, focus on the purple of the rainbow. The purple represents your most significant achievement. What is the most significant achievement in your life? Is it being a mother or a father? Is it a job you had? Is it achieving self-love? This is your purple.

Reference: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/psychiatry-the-people/201811/the-hippocampus-self-esteem-and-physical-health


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